12 March 2009


This first picture (taken from my phone at work - apologies) is for my friend, bg. I made him a crappy potholder, and then I made him a grey and crimson (Bama colors) one that was pretty badass. So I made him another one with Bama colors (above) to counter the first. This is done in single crochet, and it's wicked easy. I've been doing these for years but just recently started the two-toned thing. It was an accident the first time. :-)

The last potholder is one for my friend Richard in FL. He lived with my ex back in the day and used his potholders, so he requested I make him some and even promised to buy a clip to hang them on. This is his first one, and I will begin his second one soon. It takes about 2 hours for me to make one because I'm slow (at everything I do).

Anyway, they aren't much, but I'm pleased with the way they turned out, and they will certainly serve their purpose.

I assure you, I plan to take pics of the next projects I complete. No worries. I am going to "plaid" more hangers for my mother. She has so many children these days (foster/adoptive parent), and she keeps running out of hangers. Cheap metal hangers can be wrapped with pretty yarn and be very efficient, though Joan Crawford would certainly disagree (yes, a Mommy Dearest reference).

Thanks for reading! Happy Thursday!



Bliss said...

They look good, but even better in person! I want you to make my blanket out of some of that yarn. I'm going to pick it out soon :)

Lonnie the Girl said...

I think they look better in person too. The photos hardly do them justice. I like the colors. Anyway, I'm looking forward to your blanket project!

Rachel said...

Yay! Pictures! I like em & if I ever cooked or baked, I would be asking you for some potholders too!

Lonnie the Girl said...

Well, thank you, ma'am! If ever you decide you want some, just let me know. I don't ever cook or bake myself, but I hope to start soon. (We'll see.)