01 March 2010

.:any day now:.

I cannot believe it's been nearly a year!

  • I did a wicked awesome little shifty face cross-stitch for my dear bff Greenlee, but I don't have pictures of it to post. He was quite pleased, though I ironed it and burnt it. Heh. Keepin' it classy, thanks.
  • I just finished a couple crocheted scarves. They are curvy and loverly. Of those, I took 0 pictures as well. Beautiful, no? So much for growth. No more marks on the wall, I suppose.
  • I AM crafting a little, but I'm also schooling and such.
I have been in my home town quite a bit of late, and it's been a blast. Oooh. I'm also taking a ballroom dancing class. It's been fun, though Vinny doesn't much appreciate it, and it was his idea. I still do enjoy.

This weekend I am spending with Vinny since he's been a sicky pants, and I am spending Friday night with my dear bff Greenlee. We are going to see Alice in Wonderland, and I'M SO EXCITED!!!! There are very few films that I just HAVE to see on opening night in theatres, but this one will be awesome, and I'm sharing it with his awesomeness.

I'll try to craft and photograph my results (be they awesome or not), and I will try to post them on here. Thanks for reading, and I'll be shocked if you did!