30 March 2009

Pictureless Accomplishments

This weekend was filled with quiet time since I broke my phone, and it was filled with good flicks, like The Last King of Scotland and Gonzo the documentary about Hunter S. Thompson. I also watched a documentary on Thomas Jefferson from PBS on Netflix that I found very interesting, despite its 3-hour length.

In the meantime, Herbie slept - a lot. I made a scarf for my niece, Ansley, whom I will see whenever I decide to vacation in Charleston. It will last her for years, which is my justification in making a scarf in the spring in Alabama. I also finished my potholder project and made Davonna's last potholder. I have other things to finish, and I will finish them as inspiration hits me. It's bound to hit at some point.

I also met my Turkish neighbor who has the most adorable Shar Pei named Freud. He was very nice to chat with, and I just wanted to snuggle with his dog. Lucky for me, I have Herbie who lets me snuggle him at whim.

This is what Freud looks like, only he has a very brown nose, and his fur looks a little redder in the sun. He was completely cute and so excited to see Herbie. Herbie's lack of interest amused me a little.

I had a blast seeing friends this weekend at Bliss's place for Will's birthday, but I completely forgot to take pictures. I was going to upload pictures this weekend, but my computer refused - respectfully. Either way, know that I did craft this weekend and got fresh air and lots of rest. Life. Is. Good.

12 March 2009


This first picture (taken from my phone at work - apologies) is for my friend, bg. I made him a crappy potholder, and then I made him a grey and crimson (Bama colors) one that was pretty badass. So I made him another one with Bama colors (above) to counter the first. This is done in single crochet, and it's wicked easy. I've been doing these for years but just recently started the two-toned thing. It was an accident the first time. :-)

The last potholder is one for my friend Richard in FL. He lived with my ex back in the day and used his potholders, so he requested I make him some and even promised to buy a clip to hang them on. This is his first one, and I will begin his second one soon. It takes about 2 hours for me to make one because I'm slow (at everything I do).

Anyway, they aren't much, but I'm pleased with the way they turned out, and they will certainly serve their purpose.

I assure you, I plan to take pics of the next projects I complete. No worries. I am going to "plaid" more hangers for my mother. She has so many children these days (foster/adoptive parent), and she keeps running out of hangers. Cheap metal hangers can be wrapped with pretty yarn and be very efficient, though Joan Crawford would certainly disagree (yes, a Mommy Dearest reference).

Thanks for reading! Happy Thursday!


09 March 2009


I'm never going to post pictures on here. I apologize. I will update you on my crafting endeavors, however.

I finished two potholders, a scarf, and a washcloth and gave them to bg. He seemed to like them, so I'm going to make him another potholder. This next one will be better than the little one I gave him. It was a tad, well, shite. It was shite. But he won't burn his fingertips on his google sweatshirt anymore. There are positive moments to be had from shite-looking potholders.

I started a pink scarf (kinda a fashion scarf) that is fuzzy and wavy for my little sister, Shay. She's five and sweet as sugar. She was so excited when I gave it to her that she wrapped it around the two of us like a boa and giggled. It was worth the time and the frustration of dealing with that ridiculous yarn. The fuzziness caused it to get tangled up in itself from the skein. I was ready to pull my hair out. Her cute face made up for it 1000 times, and I'll do the same for 3 more sisters.

I just got a request from my friend Richard for a potholder. He lived with my ex for a year or more and used his. (I make a lot of potholders and have for years.) He requested I make and send him some (he lives in Florida). I am going to get on that after I finish bg's next one. bg and I are closer - in all ways.

I have yet to finish Bliss's bucket bag and Mom's cross-stitch (both Christmas gifts), but they both don't really mind. Bliss actually requested a blanket from a pattern good ol' lionbrand.com sent me. It's crocheted and very loverly (the pattern). I'll begin that when Bliss picks out/up her yarn. I'm looking forward to that little craft. It shouldn't take long, and it's easy. Sweeeeeet. I like mindless projects. And people. ;-) I also have to finish this blanket I started a while back. It's a garter stitch and simple, but you have to count and switch colors, then you bind off and pick up the stitches when you rotate it. It'll be grand when it's finished, but I put it down for a couple months, work on it for a week or two, then I put it down again. I'll definitely take pics when I finish it. I may even keep it. We'll see... Time will tell.

Thank you for your patience in reading my pictureless blog. Patience IS a virtue. I do appreciate your time.