30 March 2009

Pictureless Accomplishments

This weekend was filled with quiet time since I broke my phone, and it was filled with good flicks, like The Last King of Scotland and Gonzo the documentary about Hunter S. Thompson. I also watched a documentary on Thomas Jefferson from PBS on Netflix that I found very interesting, despite its 3-hour length.

In the meantime, Herbie slept - a lot. I made a scarf for my niece, Ansley, whom I will see whenever I decide to vacation in Charleston. It will last her for years, which is my justification in making a scarf in the spring in Alabama. I also finished my potholder project and made Davonna's last potholder. I have other things to finish, and I will finish them as inspiration hits me. It's bound to hit at some point.

I also met my Turkish neighbor who has the most adorable Shar Pei named Freud. He was very nice to chat with, and I just wanted to snuggle with his dog. Lucky for me, I have Herbie who lets me snuggle him at whim.

This is what Freud looks like, only he has a very brown nose, and his fur looks a little redder in the sun. He was completely cute and so excited to see Herbie. Herbie's lack of interest amused me a little.

I had a blast seeing friends this weekend at Bliss's place for Will's birthday, but I completely forgot to take pictures. I was going to upload pictures this weekend, but my computer refused - respectfully. Either way, know that I did craft this weekend and got fresh air and lots of rest. Life. Is. Good.


Rachel said...

That dog is absolutely adorable! And I'll most definitely have to check out Gonzo

Lonnie the Girl said...

For serious, Gonzo is about 3 hours long but interesting if you dig HST. I highly recommend it.