21 November 2008

For the rat lovers...

This is a rather pitiful picture of it, but I wanted to post before I go down to Tuscaloosa: This is the gift I made for my rat-loving honey. He has two blue rats named Roxy and Bonnie. He calls them, "the ladies." They are beautiful and adorable, but I'm an animal lover and completely biased. Either way, I borrowed Bliss's book Katie gave her and started this Wednesday. I finished it last night, and I'm going to frame it in Southern Alabama, probably. I don't know what he'll want to do with it, so I'll ask him. I really hope he finds it as cute and clever as I did. If he doesn't, I might be in for a fight. ;) Kidding. We don't really fight. I thought this was virtually perfect for my boy. I'll let you know how it goes after this weekend. It's my five year anniversary, so I'm definitely stoked: Happy anniversary to me. :)

20 November 2008

Some Pic-a-Tures

I am finally updating in photos. HA! I've had some craft moments this past month on random weekends at my place. It wasn't so much a Crafty Cupcake thing as people showing up with crafty things to do at random - Dos mostly.

Here she is in my floor making stuff the Saturday my aunt was in town putting up my Christmas tree (I didn't ask her to do so, btw). She is using these little bags. She's sewing little felt items on them and embroidering them together and creating cool stuff with buttons. It truly fascinates me.

She ended up staying most the night. Some others showed up for some movie watching, and we spent the evening chilling out, having some beer, and crafting from time to time. Mostly, we just laughed a lot and watched movies.

I started this hat thing for Reggiepants. He sent me a picture, and I thought I could crochet it pretty quickly. I fear I've lost interest, so it's basically gone nowhere, but here is a picture of the beginning. It's a pony tail rasta thingy. :) That's not its official name.

Here's one of my bestest bffs in the world. This is from craft night at her place a while back. She is just embroidering away and getting uber annoyed that one of her bestest bffs in the world will not stop taking photographs of her. Nevertheless, I think she's adorable. I believe her other bffs will appreciate the gifts she is making for them. They have turned out beautifully.

This is a picture to show I'm farther on that blinking scarf I've been working on. I got bored with it too (notice a pattern), so I stopped working on it. I'm going to finish it Thanksgiving weekend so I can give it to my grandmother to sell for whatever she's selling it for. It's a little longer than this, but I lost one of those silver needles. I do this once every few days, so I bought a set for making washcloths. Well, the sizes are similar, so I'm using one of those needles to finish the blinking thing. It's soft and pretty in person, but I look forward to its completion and distribution. If it doesn't sell, I'm giving it away to a needy person (likely a bff of mine who would want it).

I don't have pictures of my progress on Bliss's bucket bag. It's really coming along. Currently, it is in Dayna's floor in Muscle Shoals. I fear she (Bliss) got me wanting to do some cross-stitching. I've completed a little bib with a teddy bear on it, though I've no clue what to do with it; and I'm working on a little gift for Wil. It came from a book Katie gave to Bliss a while back and has two rats with a heart in between them and says "Rat Bastard." It's compliments of Subversive Cross-stitch, and I adore it. It's coming along beautifully. I hope to finish it tonight and have pictures posted soon. I'm very proud of my project, and I'm suddenly addicted to cross-stitching.

Thank you for your patience.

04 November 2008

Craft night

I wanted to post this earlier, but I've been crazy busy.

Craft night this past Monday was marvelous despite the lack of a complete group. I really hope our group keeps growing so we have even more knowledgeable crafters so I can learn even more (always reverts back to me, notice).

I really am going to start cross-stitching soon. It looks so wonderful! Besides, I need wall art. I have a painting idea in mind involving the tree from Six Feet Under. I might incorporate some cross-stitching or embroidery if I get good enough to do so. We shall see, shan't we?

I have pictures I plan to post this evening of Dayna crafting in my floor and craft night Monday night. Until then, you must deal with this boring post relaying that I have a lot of ambitions to do more crafty things.

Reggie sent me a photo online asking if I could crochet this pony tail dread hat for him. I looked at it and see that it's just a double-crochet, basically. He asked if I could teach him, so he might join our craft events soon. I knit mostly, but crocheting is quick. It's pretty simple to teach too. We'll see. I'll post all these things soon in photos.

Oh, and I might add some photos of the reason I love the state of Alabama. We'll see. Later, gators.

30 October 2008

So I'm not a liar...

I'm going to post pics of the projects, yes, projectS I am working on.

This project on the right is a blanket I started several months ago. I pick it up off and on. It's just a garter stitch, and it's soothing to knit. I like the colors too... It has a long way to go, but I will complete it. Thus far, I've completed everything project I've begun... besides those I have going at the moment. ;)

The project below is Bliss's bucket bag. This project is the first of its kind for me and makes me wicked nervous. I've dawdled over it quite a bit, which will lead me to my next photo.

This is a recent project I started a few days ago. It's just gonna be a scarf, and it is the moss/seed stitch. I enjoy it, and I like the pattern. I've done it before. I also enjoy the yarn. My grandmother is selling these later this year. I'm donating them for the cause. Besides, I only started this project because I was avoiding Bliss's bucket bag. It frightens me so!

Lastly, I will include some pictures of my dear ol' pumpkin. I carved him at Bliss's and mentioned him in a previous post. He's Jack Skellington!

29 October 2008


So I have several things I want to post and talk about, but I haven't uploaded my pictures. Blame passing aside this time, I have been lazy. My next post will include the pictures and short descriptions (maybe). I will describe my week here, though.

Monday was craft night. Breanna joined us this time, so it was a full house (for us). Bliss, Breanna, and Katie all did their cross-stitching. Dayna Dos knitted her scarf. I carved a pumpkin that looks like Jack Skellington's sinister face. I then moved Bliss's bucket-bag-to-be Xmas present from four needles to one set of circulars. That was my evening. In the background, we had some Knocked Up playing to keep the laugher going, as if we need any help with that.

I haven't crafted since, I'm afraid. I've kept myself busy, though. I will post pics of all I've described here soon.

23 October 2008

Things I Want

First and foremost, it should be shown that this is the coolest thing ever. It's new to me, and I want one. :) It's unlike me to want something like this, but it's just that cool.

I want to feel better.

I started a scarf last night with some left over yarn from my friend's baby blanket I made her. I don't have a picture yet, but I will. Give me some time. I'm doing the moss stitch. I really like it. It's simple but not boring with the even stitches. Rows 1 and 2: (K1,P1) Rows 3 and 4: (P1,K1) and repeat. I have done it before, but I really love it. Dos suggested it, and I'm glad she did. I had thought about doing it that way, and she cinched the deal for me. I'll post a pic soon.

I have to continue Bliss's bucket bag too if I want to have it complete by Xmas. I will post some non-blurry pictures of its beginnings as soon as I get some. :) I should do that tonight.

Until then, this is me:
I'm going to make my tea and hope for the best. :)

22 October 2008

A beginning: Notch I

This is a beginning blog for me. No personal stupid stuph. This will include only the things I'm learning, mostly craftwise and such. I'll dabble in this or that from time to time. Bear with me here. I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this - thus the beginning blog.

Best wishes to all of us!

Oh, and I would like to state that because I've been goofing around on here, I now have to work late to actually accomplish the things I need to accomplish. Thanks, Blogger. Thanks for nothing. That is directed to Corey and Bliss as well. I blame them entirely. NONE of this is my fault.