30 October 2008

So I'm not a liar...

I'm going to post pics of the projects, yes, projectS I am working on.

This project on the right is a blanket I started several months ago. I pick it up off and on. It's just a garter stitch, and it's soothing to knit. I like the colors too... It has a long way to go, but I will complete it. Thus far, I've completed everything project I've begun... besides those I have going at the moment. ;)

The project below is Bliss's bucket bag. This project is the first of its kind for me and makes me wicked nervous. I've dawdled over it quite a bit, which will lead me to my next photo.

This is a recent project I started a few days ago. It's just gonna be a scarf, and it is the moss/seed stitch. I enjoy it, and I like the pattern. I've done it before. I also enjoy the yarn. My grandmother is selling these later this year. I'm donating them for the cause. Besides, I only started this project because I was avoiding Bliss's bucket bag. It frightens me so!

Lastly, I will include some pictures of my dear ol' pumpkin. I carved him at Bliss's and mentioned him in a previous post. He's Jack Skellington!


CraftyCupcake said...

Jack looks great!! So do your other projects :)

Lonnie the Girl said...

Awes! Thank you! I slept on your pillowcase last night. Very efficient - I slept very well. You're the best.

Katie Kutthroat said...

the blanket looks amazing, i haven't seen it since it was just in strips :)