29 October 2008


So I have several things I want to post and talk about, but I haven't uploaded my pictures. Blame passing aside this time, I have been lazy. My next post will include the pictures and short descriptions (maybe). I will describe my week here, though.

Monday was craft night. Breanna joined us this time, so it was a full house (for us). Bliss, Breanna, and Katie all did their cross-stitching. Dayna Dos knitted her scarf. I carved a pumpkin that looks like Jack Skellington's sinister face. I then moved Bliss's bucket-bag-to-be Xmas present from four needles to one set of circulars. That was my evening. In the background, we had some Knocked Up playing to keep the laugher going, as if we need any help with that.

I haven't crafted since, I'm afraid. I've kept myself busy, though. I will post pics of all I've described here soon.


CraftyCupcake said...

I want to see Jack all lit up! He looks great in the light :)

Katie Kutthroat said...

ditto! post pics of him! you are right we never need help laughing, we are a laughing bunch. and it was nice having a full house, i was really happy to see breanna. fun times had by all :) craft night again soon?!

Lonnie the Girl said...

I need to get a picture of Jack with a light. I can't find my tealights. I think I know where they are. I will do that tomorrow night. And craft night... I'm available again Monday if everyone else is. It's easy to plan for Mondays for me. You crafty cun--cupcakes just keep me posted. :)

Katie Kutthroat said...

i know i am available monday! so ask bliss if she is and we can plan again for monday!