22 October 2008

A beginning: Notch I

This is a beginning blog for me. No personal stupid stuph. This will include only the things I'm learning, mostly craftwise and such. I'll dabble in this or that from time to time. Bear with me here. I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this - thus the beginning blog.

Best wishes to all of us!

Oh, and I would like to state that because I've been goofing around on here, I now have to work late to actually accomplish the things I need to accomplish. Thanks, Blogger. Thanks for nothing. That is directed to Corey and Bliss as well. I blame them entirely. NONE of this is my fault.


Katie Kutthroat said...

mhm pass the buck.. slacker! <3

CraftyCupcake said...

You're very welcome, dear ;)

Mr X Stitch said...

I'm also from Alabama. But the part of Alabama that's called Milton Keynes and is actually in England.

Lonnie the Girl said...

Ha ha. Yes. I'm a blame passer, and I'm okay with that. I've embraced myself! ;)