18 February 2009

The 21st

This little guy is coming to live with me in 3 days, and counting. He is Herbie Hancock, II my Cocker hiSpaniel dog. He loves me so very much, but I live in a small apartment by my onesy. I fear he will get lonely and miss me during the day. However, we are going to give it a go. He is one of my favorite things on the planet, so I'm gushing incessantly about it. He's 6 or 7 years old, and his favorite pass-time is sleeping and eating. Yes, we are a match made in heaven. Peel a banana in front of this dog, and you'd think you stole his dog bowl. It's ridiculous the bulge in his whimsically askew eyeballs! I adore him so.

This is not the only thing happening on Saturday. I am also hosting a Pampered Chef party through Dos. There are several people coming out, and that should be a blast. Now, cooking is not quite one of my crafts; but you never know what will happen. Perhaps I'll be inspired into a cooking frenzy. Or perhaps I'll just continue to help Bliss in her cupcake-capades. Either way, this weekend is going to be a blast.

This past weekend I completed a scarf and a couple pot holders for my friend bg, but I have not taken a picture yet. More to come there.

Do note that this blog has turned out to be more of a wishful thinking place to post than an actual result producing place to post. If we're marking my growth on the wall, we're at a stand still. Le sigh. I have high hopes of doing better soon... as ever. :-) Yes, please. Do also wish me luck.


Bear said...


DaynaDos said...

I can't wait to finally meet the Herbster!

Lonnie the Girl said...

I noes! It's only a couple days now. I'm excited for you to meet him too. :-D

Corey O'Connor said...

your dog looks like a carpet

Lonnie the Girl said...

He IS a carpet. He really lays around just like a rug. We get along. I hope you like him. I fear you'll see much of him. :)